“You Are Destitute And Hungry.” Ms DSF Told Ex-Lover, Skiibii

Following their cut up, entertainer and DJ Ms DSF hid her earlier sweetheart and vocalist Skiibii in a now-erased tweet.

As per information reviews, the couple cut up up two months after they stood out as actually newsworthy by declaring their relationship.

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Skiibii was shot supporting Ms DSF on her rear finish, and the 2 darlings had been carrying matching Fendi outfits.

She subtitled a video of them getting a again rub, “e dey torment dem, e dey candy us,” “my baby mentioned spoil day,” and “insult dem.”

Bits of rumour about their separation unfold quickly after they unfollowed one another on Instagram, a well-known digital leisure stage.

Ms DSF labeled Skibbi as “poor, hungry” and uncovered he doesn’t have working water in that way of thinking in a now-erased tweet.

This follows Skiibii’s posting of verses from his melody, “Ice on my neck, Ice on my wrist. you understand.”

“Ice in your neck, ice in your wrist, no working water in your house,” DSF hid him. “No meals within the fridge, no money within the financial institution.”

Nigerian web-based leisure purchasers responded to her “chilly shade” on completely different levels.

“na wetin see end dey cus, Assuming e no date u now how u gained know u go nonetheless dey pulverize on am,” one Lilsmat_ composed.

“Think about a situation wherein he simply selected to maintain the money in his residence and never within the financial institution kwanu?” Don’t rush to make judgment calls, mai expensive.” Pricilla Oluchi composed.

“No be this two when misstep join for relationship be this? one thing Una for do pay extra solely as prices come up,” Iamkingdinero2 composed.

“Uh oh, might we at any level all have separations that don’t immediate concealing one another in a while?” Una likewise enjoys wahala for Obasanjo’s net.” BobbyFedrick composed.

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